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Posted 11 / 07 / 2017 by Faye Alba

Why does BarterPays! have the strongest barter economy?

The other day I was talking to a longtime member and he’s a big cheerleader for BarterPays!. He’s been in multiple barter exchanges over the years, but he says that BarterPays! has the strongest barter economy of any barter exchange in New York or New Jersey. As a matter of fact: in other barter exchanges he trades in, he sells 50%/50% cash/barter, but in BarterPays! he sells only at 100% barter. Yet, he wants BarterPays! dollars more than any other barter economy! Why?

He started praising me and telling me I’m a barter genius for insisting on 100% barter for all these years. But hold up on the praise… I’m not bragging… It wasn’t my idea!

During the early years of BarterPays! I signed up one, then two, then four Goodyear Tire Centers in the BarterPays! Network. This was quite an achievement in the barter industry. Even well-established barter exchanges did not have new tires, because of low profit margins. (That is a story for another column.) I was breaking new ground for the barter industry!

However, I was worried. Was this a good idea? I wanted to ensure all my accounts are protected and do not have too much risk or exposure. So I suggested that he start bartering tires with a part-cash component. And you know what my wise mentor, Goodyear owner Dave Schwartz told me: “Everything needs to be sold at 100% barter, or there is weak value in your network’s buying power. Let me sell at 100% barter and make sure your other members do the same.”

Dave took me under his wing those first years and taught me a lot about business – and barter! Turns out his theory was right! With his persistent push to sell at 100% barter, he ensured that BarterPays! had – and continues to have – the best offerings, the best businesses participating, and a superior redemption value.

Dave passed away several years ago, but I feel extreme gratitude for his guidance and wisdom during those early years of BarterPays!. Thanks to Dave, BarterPays! has low inflation and just about everything is offered without a cash component, including fine jewelry, shower doors, irrigation systems, auto body, website development, hot tubs, asphalt paving, banquet facilities, and electrical contractors. And we are the only barter exchange that guarantees the value of its barter dollar. I think I should rename this Dave’s Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction!

If you would like to join or learn more about BarterPays! (there is no investment cost to get started!), please call me at 732-364-4614 or email

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Posted 10 / 17 / 2017 by Faye Alba

Age-Old Barter System Benefits Young Entrepreneurs

Many of today’s small business owners will tell you they were business-savvy from a young age. Some kids ran lemonade stands, others shoveled neighbors’ snowy driveways. One of the most successful women I know started out selling homemade milkshakes at age 8. She calculated costs ($.75 a shake), created a company name (Susie’s Sweet Shakes), and developed a sales strategy (door-to door, delivered with a smile).

Young entrepreneurs today face many more challenges than they did at age 8, though. They lack resources and are in a competitive marketplace. One way young entrepreneurs can get ahead is by joining a local barter exchange, like BarterPays! in Howell.

Members of local barter organizations spend barter dollars, instead of cash, on purchases made throughout the Network. By joining a barter exchange, you’ll increase your sales while making purchases without touching limited cash reserves. While the system is useful for companies at any stage, young business owners are finding the program especially beneficial. One young BarterPays! member, a magazine publisher in Hoboken, has found bartering very valuable. He was even able to barter a much-needed vacation by selling advertising to other members.

Members of a barter exchange reach a steady flow of new potential customers. BarterPays! members would rather trade with another member than pay cash at a similar business outside of the Network, providing members with a major competitive edge. Network bartering is a great strategy for new entrepreneurs who may lack the capital but not the spirit to succeed.

Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly teach a new dog old tricks! Young entrepreneurs embracing the age-old system of barter is proof!

BarterPays! is currently offering a discounted membership program for young entrepreneurs with no monthly fees for one year. For more information about BarterPays! or to apply for membership, please call 732-364-4614, email, or visit to join.

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Posted 08 / 02 / 2017 by Faye Alba

We send you new customers when your business is slow!

I love the summer at the Jersey Shore, but I’ll admit, business is a little slower this time of year. There are probably times your company is slow, too, not operating at full capacity. That is where your BarterPays! membership will come in especially handy.
BarterPays! helps you sell your open time and excess inventory. We send you new customers.
Now I know what most of you are thinking. “I don’t need barter. It’s not going to pay my mortgage or taxes, is it?”
A barter network is not going to replace your fixed costs, but it will help you save big on your extra costs to run your business… whether it’s IT/computer maintenance, sales training, pest control, printing, website development, promotional giveaways, vehicle repair and maintenance, electricians, lawncare, professional services of CPAs and legal counsel, or employee benefits, including dental and vision, you can use your barter membership to increase your sales while reducing business-related expenses.
The word “barter” may be confusing to some, because it is not a direct, one-on-one trade. Instead, you are exchanging your goods and services into a pool with other nearby professional businessowners in New Jersey, and then buying what YOU want and need in the network. You gain the competitive advantage because you are ensuring that you are grabbing additional marketshare from your competitors. BarterPays! sends you brand new clients.
Use your slow times to your advantage. Sign up for BarterPays! now, and we’ll get you new brand new customers!
Use this code when you sign up online SLOWSUMMER, and we’ll give you a free* massage… plus a totally free signup! 732-364-4614
*You must make a barter sale to receive the free massage. Hurry, this offer ends on Labor Day weekend.
Best, Faye

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Posted 06 / 27 / 2017 by Faye Alba

BarterPays! Five Most-Frequently Asked Questions from New Members

So, now you are a new member of BarterPays! and you are excited and curious. What happens now? You will get your member account number and login instructions by email shortly after we process your membership application. Then your BarterPays! broker will call you with a personal introduction and answer your questions. Here’s what you probably will want to know as a new member.

1. How do members learn about my business? We promote you in many ways. You will appear in our daily eblast on a regular basis, emailed to 1,000 local member email addresses, with your directory ad listings that we create for you. We learn about your business, and then we promote you to the other members. The barter gals will call members on the phone and let them know about you. Your printed literature is displayed free-of-charge in our busy lobby, visited frequently by local business owners.

2. Can I get cash? Unless it is for tax, tip, insurance payment, and a few construction materials, in 99.9 percent of the time, the answer is no cash. Everything is 100% barter… pool chemicals, orthodontia, printing, glass and mirror, electricians, web development, auto repairs and parts, etc. When you sell you offer at 100% barter, and when you buy, you will be treated the same! Related to this, members often wonder if exclusions and restrictions are permitted: A lot of limitations makes for a stressful and difficult barter experience. For example, BarterPays! restaurants service members on weekends. There are some exchanges that permit part-cash deals and many limitations, but 100% barter makes your barter experience smooth and happy!

3. How do I know who is in the group? Where can I use the barter dollars? BarterPays! has an easy-access online barter software to check your account, review member directory, update your directory listings, and 24-hour online barter shopping at our Red Cellar barter boutique for designer handbags and watches, beach chairs and accessories, housewares, wool rugs, artwork, candles, and gifts. The barter gals are here during business hours to assist you as well in planning parties, recommending dentists and hair salons, working on your next marketing campaign, and updating your bathroom.

4. What if I don’t have enough barter to pay for my dental care or for my advertising budget? BarterPays! offers a free line-of-credit after 90 days. Ask the barter gals if you qualify.

5. How do I use barter at the [great BarterPays!] restaurants? New members are always excited to use their new revenue stream on food. Check the online member directory and figure out if you feel like eating sushi, burger, salad, Italian, steakhouse, pizza, deli, breakfast, and then choose your restaurant. We recommend you make reservations and always say BarterPays!. After the bill comes, you whip out your barter card, and sign a barter transaction slip. The entire meal and drinks are 100% barter. The tip and tax is paid in US funds. BarterPays! has more restaurants that accept barter conveniently through a member card than any other barter exchange in New Jersey.

If you have more questions before you become a member of BarterPays!, please contact Faye at 732-364-4614;

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Posted 09 / 22 / 2016 by Faye Alba

23 Years of Bartering… Happy Birthday, BarterPays!.

We appreciate the participation and great energy of the local businesses that make BarterPays! the best barter exchange and business networking group in New Jersey. It is 23 years this September that we opened for trading. It has been a wonderful experience and truly a privilege working with local companies to generate new business in our area. Many of our members have been trading in BarterPays! for 10, 15, some more than 20 years.

During this last couple of years, I have been working hard to reinvent the parts of the business that have been, maybe, not as fresh and exciting as they were in the early days. The most obvious change has been the new state-of-the-art software, which has allowed members easier access into the directory and their account.

Using that as a stepping stone, we have started giving access to the membership directory to not-yet-members, as many are often curious (and amazed!) to see which local businesses participate before signing up. Now we can do that! I have also brought in my daughters, the next generation of BarterPays!. Lisa Vitale has joined the BarterPays! team, while sister Susan is sharing her marketing expertise during her off-hours from her fulltime work, as she gets me up-to-speed in digital marketing. Plus we hired a new fulltime membership sales rep. And finally we got rid of one of our fax machines. Haven’t been faxing too many contracts lately. Hehehe.

Yes, BarterPays! may be 23 years old, but we have the same heart and soul for barter as we did in the early days, and we have the same passion and enthusiasm as ever for our members.

If you are not yet a member, and would like to learn how BarterPays! will grow your business, contact us for an introductory tour of BarterPays! and its membership directory.
Best, Faye

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Posted 02 / 26 / 2016 by Faye Alba

How to Resurrect a Relationship with a Lost Account

There is a huge amount of time and effort and expense to attain a new account. And it’s heartbreaking and hits your business hard when you lose it. Many times they stopped working with you because they can no longer afford your services, or they have switched to a competitor.

It costs a lot of money to attain a new account, and it pays to consider creative ways to get them back.

Review your records and determine which old accounts would still be valuable to you. If you had a good relationship in the past, contact them by making them an offer… introduce them to BarterPays!, where they can resume relations with your business, but pay you in barter dollars.

This is a win-win relationship for both of you. It gives you a fresh approach to regain this prior account, adds new excitement and energy to the renewed connection, and continues to ensure more loyalty to your company in the future. Your accounts will likely appreciate and value the opportunity to continue doing business with you with barter dollars.

Try it! We guarantee you will successfully resurrect some past accounts.

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Posted 05 / 28 / 2014 by Faye Alba

What’s the most unusual thing you barter?

I am often asked what the biggest or oddest barter deal BarterPays! has arranged. Over the last 20 years we have had many thrills and laughs over our deal-making. When a deal comes in that we have been working on for months, we do the “the barter dance.”

The deals that stand out in my mind most often have a big impact on someone’s life. We love planning family celebrations, including Sweet 16s and bar mitzvahs. Currently, we are planning an entire wedding on barter for a young woman who’s parents married at the same location 30 years earlier. This wedding will be paid on 100% barter, and her father is paying for it by servicing new clients, who he met through the BarterPays! Network.

One of my favorite deals was the simple installation of a fire monitoring system. The restaurant owner had her clothes dryer burn while she was at work. Thanks to the recent installation of the fire alarm paid with barter dollars, the damage was minimal. Another one of my favorite deals was the family who arranged for adoption of their blended families using legal services through BarterPays!.

The most bittersweet bartering we ever did was for a member who was fighting breast cancer. She got permanent makeup on her eyebrows and breasts, and lash extensions. She scheduled regular vitamin drips from a member doctor, and attended a fitness facility that specializes in clients with medical issues. She even was able to plan her own funeral using barter, purchasing the mausoleum and legal services.

Most of our trades are about everyday life. We help members barter for their child’s orthodontia, schedule a copier service call, or pay for an advertising program. Our biggest deals tend to be land- and construction-related. We have done several landscaping and irrigation transactions for day camps with large properties from $25,000 to $85,000.

Maybe our biggest barter laugh came from a member that sent me a thank you note saying his chiropractic adjustments on barter helped his sex life.

Faye Alba is the director of BarterPays!. For more information about membership:  732-364-4614 or email or

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Posted 01 / 14 / 2014 by Faye Alba

Do you no longer need print advertising?

Happy new year, business-owners. January is often the month we begin new ideas and implement changes in our companies. BarterPays! is a marketing company, so we are always excited to start the new year promoting our newest advertising offerings to our membership. However, over the last several months, many members have advised us they are ceasing all print advertising altogether.

Hold that thought. Before you cut off your marketing budget, please consider the following:

1)      Get a website. OK, you think I’m kidding, right? We have members with no website presence. If you don’t have a website yet, or you have a large corporation running your website and paying an ongoing cash monthly service fee and don’t own it outright, there are a lot of easy ways to take control of your marketing destiny in 2014, with improvements you can make using local barter members to build and manage your website. Plus BarterPays! has more website designers than ever before, and they are good!

2)     You have met #1’s criteria: you have a website. It is OK if it’s a simple website, depending on the type of company you operate. But if you are putting all your marketing efforts into only online marketing, this thing better have all the bells and whistles and designer features the big companies have. (And, I don’t mean spinning flowers and music!) If your website isn’t top-notch, with every link in its place, and every area designed clearly, well-written and thought out, and you are not doing anything else to build your business, including in-person networking, local advertising, social media contacts, you are showing the world you aren’t really that interested in getting new business… or serving your current customer base.

3)     You have the website, but not sure how to handle the social media. You have a Facebook page, but on January 1, it still says “Have a safe Fourth of July” and can’t get beyond 8 friends. Contact us for members who will build your group of Facebook friends and fans with their own personal contact lists and will keep your page/profile updated and fresh.

4)     OK, you do have a fantastic website, but you sell a product that is extremely common, and thousands of names come up when people do a search. If you want to be at the top of the search, you  will need to do more. Contact the barter gals for referrals who can help you with Google searches, and recommend other ways to market your company, too.

5)     You also need to be sure your website is mobile friendly, as more and more searches are happening on a phone or tablet.

6)     Think everyone is only using online websites to get to your business? Think again! The big companies do not depend only on online marketing, and the strongest local businesses use print and radio advertising on a consistent basis to reach their market audience! Let’s face it… Macy’s is still advertising on lots of media outlets and so is Appleby’s. You may eventually visit their website and buy a new shirt or check out their new winter menu, but you got there because you saw their newspaper or radio ad.

Don’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket, or pull out all your marketing opportunities with the expectation that everyone is going to run to your website to buy from you and learn about you. We recommend you make this your top barter spending goal in 2014! Use your barter dollars to build your cash business.

7)     And finally, print advertising is always the lowest commission rate… and actually, totally free, if you are in the market-for-free program. Call the barter gals now for referrals, or if you are not yet a member, call us at 732-364-4614 and we can give you 90 days to try us out!

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Posted 08 / 02 / 2013 by Faye Alba

Readers’ Choice Awards : BarterPays! has the best businesses in Monmouth County!

The 2013 Best of Monmouth Reader’s Choice Awards are in. Here’s the proof that we really do have the BEST businesses participating in the BarterPays! Network. Congratulations to all the winners.

BarterPays! members won top honors in over a dozen different categories. So proud of you all!

Candy: #1 Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, Middletown

Caterer: #1 Jaques Catering

Chocolate: #1 Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, Middletown

Gelato: #1 Café 360, Freehold

Cheese Shop: #1 The Cheese Cave, Red Bank

Pancakes: #1 Amy’s Omelette House

Beer Selection: #3 Court Jester of Aberdeen & Freehold

Flower Shop: #1 Flowers on Front, Red Bank

Pet Boutique: #2 The Prince and The Pawper, Ocean Twp.

Cut & Color: #3 Sebastian’s Hair-Em & Day Spa, Leonardo

Hair Updo: #3 Sebastian’s Hair-Em & Day Spa, Leonardo

Dog & Cat Groomer: Can’t publicly announce 😉

Picture Framer: The Finicky Framer, Shrewsbury.

If you are a fantastic business yourself, and haven’t yet joined BarterPays!, please contact us to learn how to be part of our business network of top businesses. And, if you are already a member and know a top business that doesn’t yet trade in BarterPays!, please recommend us, and let us know.

Contact: or


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Posted 07 / 19 / 2013 by Faye Alba

Summer’s Hot!

Summer’s Hot! Parties, Vinyl Fence, Vehicle Wraps, and A Whole Lot More!

Lots of new members are joining BarterPays!.

Sales team Karen and Lisa V. are hitting the pavement and signing up lots of new members. It is a hot month in July… both outside and at BarterPays!.

Many of you know I have a real sweet tooth so I am always excited when we get a new bakery in the Network. We just signed up a lovely new shop in Hudson County that does custom wedding cakes, and so much more. Check them out!!

We also signed up two beautiful custom art framing shops and art galleries. If you have been looking for the perfect piece of art for your home or office, please contact the barter gals for referrals.

Two great specials available for very limited time: we have one member who will barter up to $12,000 in white vinyl fencing for one job. Whoo-hooo! Because we have just one available, we will be offering it first to a member who trades large sales volume and has a lot of barter dollars.  

Another great special… we have Vehicle Wraps in supply right now.  Vehicle wraps have become the hottest way to  market your company. If you still have basic lettering, you are missing out a great form of marketing. One of our sign companies can handle a couple of vehicle wraps now, so if you have wanted to do this to jazz up your truck or van, contact us right away.

For weekend entertainment, I am going to recommend you head on over to Red Bank for The Music Man at the Count Basie Theatre , check out the new production at New Jersey Repertory Theatre , or take a Dinner Cruise out of Toms River on the River Lady . Sounds fun, right? 100% BarterPays!, of course.

Maybe next week it will be cooler and you will prefer to go to Six Flags with the kids, or golf. We have day passes for these activities.

Don’t forget we have the best eateries in BarterPays! to handle all your backyard entertaining and upscale parties this summer. We have one of the biggest party rental companies in the East Coast as a member. Whether you want a rock climbing wall, bouncy rides, photo booth, casino night, or simple tables and chairs, they can handle your order on 100% BarterPays!.

OK, members, hope you are all in air conditioning and staying cool. Enjoy your summer.

Happy trading! Warmly, Faye

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