BarterPays! Google Reviews

    Michelle Maietta of Ristorante Maietta

Love the BarterPays gals. Always a pleasure to speak with and always provide great customer service. My husband and I were in need of a reputable moving service - Lisa not only provided us with several great options, but got me hooked up with the online service to make future needs even easier. Member since 2008.

    Dave Fisher, Ace Home Improvements

I have been a member of Barter Pays for many years. I am very happy with the network of professionals. It is run very professionally and I have used many skilled businesses and have been very happy with them. I would highly recommend Barter Pays.  Member since 2009.

    Harry Levin, Levin Cyphers, Attorneys-at-Law

I want to tell you how delighted I am to be part of BarterPays. It was one of the smartest decisions I've made. Member since 2016.

    Sweet! of Belmar

Sweet! has been a member of BarterPays! for years now. We love meeting other business owners and helping them with their dessert needs. We’ve used many of the services through BarterPays! over the years. We’ve had parties catered, used a limo service to Manhattan, even bartered our daughters hall for her wedding! Many great services. If you have a small business, you should definitely call the BarterPays! gals for info on how it benefits you by joining! Member since 2011.

    Bill Cowley, Cowley’s Pest Control

Barter Pays is a great network. Faye and her team of brokers make it easy to spend barter dollars because of the quality and breadth/extent of the network they have built. I highly recommend them. Member since 1996.

    Komegashi Too, Jersey City Restaurant

BarterPays is GREAT! Komegashi Too has been a member of BarterPays for a little over a year now. It has been such an effective outlet for us to draw in customers that normally wouldn't come to dine with us. BarterPays allows opportunity to network with other businesses and exchange services. Very happy to be a member! Member since 2013.

    Ciro Maietta of Ristorante Maietta

We at Ristorante Maietta have been a barterpays customer for over 10years and have to say barterpays is an excellent barter service. Member since 2008.

    Rick Winch, Holistic Health Spa

Why not give yourself a business advantage today by getting on board with BarterPays. Our business has had a relationship with them for twenty years and whenever there has been those inevitable ups and downs BarterPays has been there to help us through the slow times and even prosper in the good times, When the economy lags and there is not much cash available it's comforting to know you are in a network where you can trade goods and services in order to keep afloat. This is not just a great marketing and business tool it also can be an insurance policy to hedge the economy. And should things get a little stressful for us we take advantage of the extensive network of restaurants, bars and other leisure activities available through the network. So give yourself a break, give your business a leg up and give yourself some peace of mind and join today. Member since 1998.

    Tommy H, Dry Cleaner

BarterPays has been extremely helpful for our small business in Hoboken. So glad we joined. I use my barter bucks for thing I would normal pay cash for such as food, flowers even doctor visits for my pet. It's been over a year since I joined and I have been satisfied with their services and support. Thanks Barter Pays! Member since 2015.

    Matthew Mazauskas, Furniture Store

I have been a member of BarterPays! for over 15 years. When I bought my first home, I had used my BarterPays! account to literally outfit my new home with the following: driveway, window treatments, swing set, pool, Jacuzzi, deck, alarm system, fence, sod, lawn designs, water purification, outdoor furniture and many more household items. The employees at BarterPays! are always there to help with bringing me in some new business and also help me when I need something. Lisa is like my own little personal shopper, whenever I need something, I now think of doing it with another BarterPays! member first. “It’s a beautiful thing!”  Member since 1996.

    Matthew M, Furniture Store

I have been a member of Barterpays for almost 15 years and I could not think of a better way to increase my business without the expense of advertising. I spend so much money on advertising to get prospective customers thru my door, sometimes it works but most of the time it barely pays off. With Barterpays, they actually send qualified buyers (members) to me on a regular basis and they purchase furniture from me instead of non-members. It's a beautiful thing!

    John Joseph, Vacation Rentals

The barter team has been very successful getting me extra business, and I spend it as soon as I earn it. I have purchased jewelry, restaurant meals, lawncare, moving van, lawyer for purchase and sale of homes, candy store and bakery items, etc. in the three years since my first barter trade. I recommended my best friend join who owns several optical shops, and he and his wife like it, too, doing their daughter’s sweet 16 on full trade. Member since 2010.

    Jason Lowe, Sweet of Belmar

Sweet! has been a BarterPays! member for years now. We love meeting other business owners and helping them with their dessert needs. We’ve used many of the services over the years. We’ve had parties catered, used a limo service, even bartered our daughters hall for her wedding! Many great services. If you have a small business, you should talk to them about joining! Member since 2011.

    Samantha Barrons

Barterpays! has been a very good service for me. I use my barter dollars at restaurants (I really like Court Jester in Freehold), hair salons, printing services and advertising. I've received a lot of new clients through barter and even a few cash customers who were referred by barter clients. I've had only good experiences with the women in the office and have recommended the service to others I do business with.  

    Tom Mirabella, Marketing Company

BarterPays! is a great company. They are always promoting your company and want to see their members do well and grow! The staff is very helpful with anything you need!  Member since 2009.

    Cami Gunther, Magazine Publisher

Here’s why I joined BarterPays!: I initially joined because I thought that it would be additional advertising and exposure for my business. I was looking to grow my business and it looked to me like the barter gals did a lot of marketing and referring for the BP members. As a business owner, we all know that the more people you reach, the more new business you get. As a member since 2010, I have gained a huge benefit from the inside marketing and advertising and referrals that the barter gals do for each member. This barter group is something I recommend for every business owner. I get a lot of referrals for cash customers from barter members and a lot of new business from barter members which all equals increased income that I can spend. Member since 2010.

    David Sachs, Attorney-at-Law

Here’s why I joined BarterPays!: I had just gone back out on my own after being with a partnership. I had more time than business at that point and saw an ad in a local publication. I figured that another avenue for business couldn’t hurt. I joined and was able to fill up more of my time with barter clients that would have been wasted. I met many good clients who I’ve had very long relationships with. Member since 2001.

    Lisa Jobes, Mobile Pet Groomer

Barter Pays is the best. They helped me start my business and keep it going. Now that I live in North Carolina I miss them. Member for 16 years.

    Paul Nebb, Titan Technologies

We are members for a little over a year now. We’ve gotten a few sales too. I’ve also spent barter dollars on transportation services and food. Nice alternative to ca$h. Member since 2017.

    Michael Lerman, TV Video Advertising

I joined BarterPays! because of two main reasons.  1. I was talking to customers that told me they only do business only Barter and I did not want to leave business on the table or leave business for my competitors. 2. The BarterPays! Network is the best of all barter networks I looked into. You have a great selection of companies. Now with your updated software, it very easier to track and do everything on Barter. Your new software is a game changer. Member since 2015.

    Robin, Office Supplies Vending Company

We have been members since 1997, the girls in the office are great anytime we call they help us right away.  We have made some great business relationships because of BarterPays!.  We have had positive experiences with all the companies we have interacted with in the network.  People always write reviews when there is a problem, I thought we would write one to say how great the service is. One of the best decisions we made was to join BarterPays!.

    Marc, Dental Services

Why join BarterPays!? Simply to give yourself an incredible 'edge' over the competition! If you want to save CASH, attain more terrific customers, and enhance your lifestyle, you've got to take a look at this! I have saved ridiculous amounts of cash by belonging to BarterPays!. They have a tremendous network of tons of businesses, and it can only help you increase your business and your life! On top of belonging to this excellent exchange, it is loads of fun to trade services knowing you are saving cash and helping others save also! Member since 1998.

    Marc, Dental Lab Business

Our dental lab business has benefitted so much by having Barter Pays as another great business tool; I believe that EVERY business can benefit by being a member, it saves you 'cash' and builds your business, not to mention having fun while doing it! I strongly recommend looking into joining! Member since 1998.

    Marc, Dental Lab Services

… Our dental lab has belonged to several barter exchanges, and has had the experience of bartering over half million dollars to date! Without question, BarterPays! and their staff, has been a tremendous value to our personal lives and our business. To us, the BarterPays!dollars are easily as valuable as CASH! Using BarterPays! has saved us thousands of dollars personally as our kids enjoyed summer camps, and has replaced thousands of dollars in our business (purchasing printing, portfolios imprinted with our logo, conference facilities, and much more), not to mention the terrific jobs rebuilding auto transmissions! BarterPays! is the one barter exchange where you will want to get in the dollars faster than you spend it, because you are offered so much to spend it on! When you work with your broker, read their emails, faxes, mailings, become aware of what’s available, you can’t help but make your business more profitable and gain a tremendous edge over the competition. What’s more is that your lifestyle will be enhanced easily 30-50%  between the vacations, limo services, Broadway shows(terrific for employees and customers!), and an endless list of products and services! Member since 1998.

    Dr. Tony, Wellness Facilities Owner

I am so happy to do business with BarterPays. I have done over $100,000 in business with them in the past years. Some people just don't get barter... but it is such a good way to network with other businesses and to save your cash and build your business owner. Every business owner should be doing barter and BarterPays does most of the barter-work for you!  Member since 2008.

    CJ, Camp and Preschool

WE LOVE BARTERPAYS. BarterPays! has high standards for all its members and they are always willing to help. They are always available, personally picking up their phones anytime we call between 9-5. We have never gotten a voice mail. In fact, they will book the car service, order the flowers, arrange for the landscaper and more. We have used hundreds of their services and thousands of dollars with BarterPays!. We have only had positive experiences and we are happy to receive Barter customers, and still give all the discounts that apply just as if a customer wasn’t using Barter. BarterPays! also does free advertising mailings and sells our business year round. They are a terrific, professional barter group! You should try them, you have nothing to lose, except customers. Member since 2005.

    Krissy, Member’s Daughter

I LOVE BARTERPAYS! The five women who work there are wonderful, very personable, helpful, and accommodating. I booked virtually my entire wedding through BarterPays! from the amazing flowers, the absolutely outstanding photography and videography, and awesome DJ and limos; it was stunning. The companies I have used through BarterPays! such as restaurants for events/catering, hair salons, spas, auto repair (just to name a few) have all been very professional and have provided me with excellent customer service. For me, BarterPays! ranks right up there with sliced bread and I constantly find myself raving about what a great company BarterPays! is!! Thank you to the hardworking women of BarterPays!!!! Member since 1998.

    Christine, Advertising Publications

We have been very happy. For us, we generate income through BarterPays! that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. We changed mostly everything we do to Barter, and have lowered our monthly expenses by doing so. We use Barter for our landscaping, parties, sprinklers, restaurants, septic, flowers, auto repair, dentist, orthodontist and more! We even booked a vacation through BarterPays!. Member since 2010.

    Steve, Home Improvement Services

Our member customers are such nice people and the office staff is extremely accommodating. My wife, Judy, is getting her new kitchen (100% Barter!) and we’re all getting fit and trim with our bartered personal trainer. Join BarterPays!. We wish we knew about BarterPays! earlier. Member since 2006.

    Susan, Candy Store Owner

We love the extra things we can do both personally and professionally. We’ve gained a lot of new barter and cash customers that we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for BarterPays!. Thank you!Member since 2003.

    Stanley, Security and Surveillance Company

I’ve been a member selling security systems and surveillance equipment to BarterPays! members for years. I’ve gone on two great Caribbean vacations, painted my house, repaired my car, Botox, great dinners out, dry cleaning…I could go on. This is a great way to make new clients and then have them recommend cash clients. It’s always been a bright spot in my day when I call the barter office . Any business owner would be foolish not to take advantage of BarterPays!. If it wasn’t for BarterPays! my business would never have grown to the size it is today. The people in the office are totally professional. Keep up the great work. I’m a member for life! Member for 19 years.

    Tony, Moving Company

BarterPays! has extended my reach to new customers; generally those hiring me through BarterPays!, would not have known or considered my company. I’ve purchased in-ground sprinklers, car repairs, catering, restaurants, limousine service, advertising, and more It is very easy for me and my customers to find each other through the BarterPays! Nework. And the barter gals are great! Member since 2006.

    Philip, Sign Co.

We love our son’s orthodontist (that we met on BarterPays!). My wife says they are very nice and professional. We also love the holistic spa in the Network. They are always a “go-to” gift for my wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, etc., etc. They always rave about the treatments. They keep me out of trouble and looking good.Member since 2005.

    Mary, Healthcare Services

We really want to thank you for all the help and support you gave us with our daughter’s wedding. The day was perfect and couldn’t have gone any better. The caterer you recommended was outstanding. The food was spectacular and the service, even more so. They made sure that the day was one for us to celebrate and not worry about anything. It all comes back to you, Lisa and your staff at BarterPays!. Without you guys we could not have given our daughter the wedding she’d always dreamed of. You helped us make it come true and we will always be grateful you were there. Member since 1998.

    Phil, Ocean County Advertising

I’m changing EVERYTHING we do to barter! So far we’re very happy. Wish I did this sooner, and listened to you guys when I first met you 8 years ago! Member since 2011.

    Gary Paris, Magazine Publisher

What do you say about a Barter Group that gives you the opportunity to get extensive, expensive dental work, go to the best restaurants, have your computer system maintained, and gets your hardwood floors done!!! They are an awesome group of ladies that call themselves BarterPays!!! Thank You BarterPays!. Job well done. Member since 1996.

    Alan, College Counseling

After being a long time member of BarterPays!, I can honestly say that I have yet to find a down side. I have worked with dozens of BarterPays! members and their children. For every BarterPays! client, come many wonderful recommendations. When I recall signing up with BarterPays! so many years ago, I thought I would just give it a try. However, it has now become a part of my daily life: I read your many emails, fliers and newsletters and see how I can best spend my barter dollars.  I just want to thank you and your wonderful staff for always being so helpful and supportive. Member since 2000.

    Rich Pezzullo, Netcentric Computer Solutions

Here’s why I joined BarterPays!: Having been downsized out of a job, I started a computer service business and needed to rapidly build up my list of references. It was easier to market directly to barter customers, especially with the BarterPays team selling for me as well. The newsletters, direct mail and networking events run by Barter Pays helped me grow my reference list and through my new barter customers I received referrals to cash customers as well. My first BarterPays customer referred me to a cash customer who has been consistently using our services for over 20 years. BarterPays gave me a foundation of clients who were happy to share their satisfaction with others and allowed me to grow my business faster than trying to sell and network on my own. Member since 1994.

    Michael Keenan

We have been Barter members for years and being in this network has saved us not only cash (dental, orthodontist, chiropractic and so much more!) but the network itself has been a tremendous support and we have even had cash referrals from other members as being a part of the Barter Team! Member since 2007.

    David, Entertainment Company

Here’s why I joined BarterPays!: To meet other business owners. And it’s still a big advantage today. The ability to network is attractive, especially for younger people my age. 

    Dr. Tony Garrow, Chiropractor

I am so happy to do business with BarterPays. I have done over $100,000 in business with them in the past years. It is such a good way to network with other businesses and to save your cash and build your business owner. Every business owner should be doing barter and BarterPays does most of the barter-work for you! Member since 2008.

    Stephanie Shaffrey, Flair Marketing

The reason I initially joined BarterPays! was that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Seriously, I didn't realize what a FANTASTIC thing it would be for me and my business. I've been so fortunate to benefit personally and professionally in many, many ways from BarterPays!, and am thrilled to have such long-time amazing clients that I work with everyday through barter. You guys [the barter gals] are always there to help me with my business (and even personal) goals. Member since 2012.

    Margaret, Cleaning Services

BarterPays! is an AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to grow your business, save cash, and enhance your lifestyle and that of your employees or family. The ladies in the office are so supportive, helpful and knowledgeable. They are very dedicated to keeping this barter economy growing. We have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars in cash while maintaining six company vehicles, advertising, dental and braces for four children, chiropractic, homeopathic healing, vitamins, furniture, plays, hair salons, day spas. sporting event tickets, electricians, rug cleaning, home inspections, lawyers, accountants, plumbers jewelers, restaurants, flowers, delis and bakeries. And these are just the services we have used in the last 12 months. Imagine what you could use your cash for in this economy if you had saved in so many other areas. I am so glad that my partner and I took that leap of faith and tried BarterPays!.

    David L. Alba, Attorney-at-Law

BARTERPAYS! IS THE BEST! I’ve been a member of BarterPays! since its beginning in 1993 and it’s been wonderful the entire time. The women at BarterPays! are very helpful, courteous, and have a thorough knowledge of the goods and services available in the network. I’ve obtained business through BarterPays! that I wouldn’t have otherwise received had I not been lucky enough to be a part of this great network. The variety of goods and services I’ve been able to obtain over the years is astounding; restaurant meals, dental services, accounting services, veterinary services, painting services, lawn care, radio advertising, chimney services, catering and party services, artwork, auto repair, professional training services, appliance repair, UPS shipping…the list goes one and on! BARTERPAYS! IS THE BEST! Member since 1993.

    Stephen, Retail Store

BarterPays! is wonderful. They have brought lots of new business to me that I never would have had if I didn’t join. They are the best around. We now trade well over $50,000 each year of buying and selling the items in the network. If you own a business and are looking for more customers, call them and listen to what they have to say. Member since 1996.

    Joe Coppola, Direct Mail Publisher

My son's wedding was in October, 2017, and I wanted just to let you know how great everything was and the wonderful job all of your members did.  The staff was wonderful putting together and running the event smoothly. I was approached by many of my guests that day impressed by the quality of the event.  The florist produced the most impressive arrangements I've ever seen and were a pleasure to deal with.  The photography studio was very professional and made the photo shoots go quickly and without stress. The DJ's had the party rocking! Even the cake had my guests approaching me with comments about how it looked and tasted. Thanks to everyone that made this event so great!  Thank you to BarterPays for connecting me with so many great people. Member since 2015.

    Christopher, Home Improvement Services

It Pays To Be A Member Of BarterPays!!! I have been with BarterPays! over 10 years and love it. I save thousands in cash by using the barter system. I have had kitchen cabinets installed, electrical, painting, carpet cleaning, dental work done, the list goes on and on. Excellent way to add to business and save cash. All the ladies at BarterPays! are very helpful. Give them a call and sign up today; you will be glad you did. Member since 1998.

    Vin, Monmouth Advertising Magazines

I love BarterPays!. Faye and Lisa do a great job, I highly recommend it for small businesses looking for extra revenue to do business with other companies. Member since 2009.

    Joe, Photographer

I have been a member for years, and one of its original fifty members…. I have seen it grow to New Jersey’s premier barter exchange. One of the factors contributing to BarterPays! success is its insistence on quality and fair trading. Even though there has been larger national trade exchanges around for awhile, they stress 100% barter and discourage inflating prices, making BarterPays! a quality place to do business.Member since 1993.

    Dr. Norman, Medical Care

My wife and I had a large graduation party for our son. At 8am the truck pulled into our driveway and by 10:30 the most spectacular outdoor brunch was ready. My wife and I had nothing to do but enjoy the food and party with our guests.  I’ve gotten many new patients.  It’s additional revenue and referrals.  If you’re considering membership…Just do it!  You cannot lose! Member for 22 years.

    Lena Lowe, Sweet Shop

We have been in this program for years and love it. Faye, Lisa and Pat are always so helpful and nice. Whatever we need they hook us up. They have a great variety of members and items. We found a great accountant for our business and have dined at restaurants, used limo service for our vacations, decorated our yard with flowers from a nursery, also furnished our front porch and back yard with outdoor furniture, and recently sent a last minute funeral arrangement. The sky is the limit with endless thing to use your barter on. Highly recommend this program. We also paid for our daughter’s wedding reception with barter. Also am able to purchase prescription dog food and prescription medications for our dog . This program is fun, easy, and extremely beneficial. Sign up today for your business . Saves time, money, and you will enjoy the members. Love our BarterPays!. Thank you to Faye , Lisa and Pat and all the woman in the office who are always helping us. Member since 2011.

    Rick Winch, Holistic Health Spa

We  used a BarterPays member caterer for both of our children's weddings through Barter Pays and could not have had a more wonderful experience. They not only provided great food and professional service but went well beyond to assist in areas outside their responsibilities. They made it clear that they were there to do whatever they could to make the day as special as possible and they succeeded. The same can be said of the Barter Pays ladies themselves. Any time we've reached out to them for actual services or even just for advice on services they've responded timely and with a real concern for our needs. As Barter Pays members for close to 20 years we've both provided and received services and have never been disappointed on either front. If you are a business owner who is currently a member you know what I mean but if you have not joined yet do yourself a HUGE favor and get on board. If I can help you with any questions you may have about our day-to-day experiences with Faye, Lisa or any of the other fine BP women please feel free to contact me here or at our Holistic Health Spa Facebook page. Member since 1998.